Wanderungen der Familie Teuthorn
Migration of the Teuthorn Family
Migración de la familia Teuthorn

Schematische Visualisierung. Die Jahreszahlen besagen, wann etwa ein Familienmitglied wohin wanderte.
Scheme of migration. The numbers give - more or less - the year of immigration.
Experimento de visualisaciòn. Las cifras significan los años - mas o menos - cuando un miembro de la familia inmigró .

In the 16th century most Teuthorns lived in Frankenhausen, some in Greussen and Eisleben. All emigration started from Frankenhausen except that to Frisian Jever, which came from Eisleben. The clouds represent the family's branches formed by settlement in other regions. Today there exist only descendants of the Kiel branch (green), who still live in Germany and the U.S.. The Teuthorns of Chile appear in this scheme as descendants of early emigration via the U.S.. But at the very moment this is mere speculation. They also may descend from any of the right side's clouds if one of their male descendants remained unknown. -
PS. Please read Windhoek/Windhuk instead of the wrong spelling within the immage. The whole picture may be enlarged by <Strg and +>.)

February 15, 2009

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