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Latest News - May 2002

There exists or existed another branch of Teuthorns in the U.S. !

History of American Teuthorns has to be rewritten since two weeks ago I visited the Thuringian State Archive within Schloß Heidecksburg in the town of Rudolstein.
It was the older brother of Wilhelm Günther Teuthorn (later Kiel and ancestor of the Chicago Teuthorns) Johann Christian David Teuthorn (*1795) - doctor of medicine - , who emigrated to America in 1848 together with his son Heinrich Ottomar Theodor Teuthorn (*1821) - Oekonom/Farmer.
Up to now I denied political reasons to have forced Teuthorns to emigration. But 1848 was the year of the revolution, the target of which was the unification of Germany and a liberal constitution. Conservatives reacted already in 1848 and definitely in 1849 rebuilt the former situation of state und society while people who had exposed themselves with ideas of a liberal and more modern society suffered repression. Consequently a lot of Germans emigrated. It is not sure but possible that Johann C.D. Teuthorn was one of them.

Wilhelm Günther Teuthorn, his younger brother, had emigrated about 1830 from Frankenhausen to the dukedom of Holstein, at that time still part of the Danish kingdom. Four of his great-grandchildren emigrated from Kiel to the U.S. between 1890 and 1895.

Wilhelm Günther Teuthorn & his wife Louise Charlotte Dorothea - born Nagel - about 1850 in Kiel

(June 6th 2002, Peter Teuthorn)

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